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Pure Steam RPG is doing their second Kickstarter campaign for a Steampunk Wild West setting. Awesome maps and art are awaiting you!…
Christopher Miller, creator of the Ankur RPG setting, has now started a crowdfunding project to bring his idea to the next level. Check his page at . If you like an RPG with a unique setting, you should give it a try.
Some time ago I did a map for Trial of Trails. The project is now live on Kickstarter and can be supported. Have a look at it!
Years ago I did several maps for the Avalanche project, now the guys have decided to go to Kickstarter:…
Take a look at the impressive proposal.

I will do a map for the Tellest series, which is currently on Kickstarter:…
It's a rich fantasy setting by author Mike DeAngelo, consisting of several novellas and short stories.

Visit the Kickstarter page to get more info!

This steampunk adventure by S.C. Barrus is currently on Kickstarter:…

One of his stretch goals is an illustrated map which I will draw.

Have a look at this project and back it and I promise you a great map!

Last year I did two simple maps for an RPG, which is now on Kickstarter:…
Take a look!
Some time ago I did a map for Tavern Games' new RPG Noverat, the continent of Kalandria…

Now Tavern Games has started an Indiegogo campaign to realize this project.… Take a look!
Today Games Smith LLC… started their Kickstarter campaign… for two new RPGs, a fantasy-western and a sword-and-sorcery. I had the joy to do the map for the Saga of Dragonstar RPG (one view at 0:20 in the video).
Have a visit at this campaign to get more info!
Some times ago I stumbled over M.O.R.E., a Kickstarter… project. It looks like the team behind M.O.R.E. is doing everything to create a worthy successor to 4x space strategy classics like Master of Orion 2 or Ascendancy. I decided to back it and hope that it get the necessary funds. The recent 4x space games were rather disappointing, so M.O.R.E. could be exactly that what many space strategy fans are waiting for.
Hi guys!

I'm working at the moment on a huge map for the Eidolon RPG, a detailed and rich fantasy setting. A campaign just started at Indiegogo to fund a hard cover print of this book.
For more information go to the Indiegogo site of this project:…
For RPG fans this might be an interesting opportunity to get cool maps.
I'm working at the moment on a Kickstarter project. It consists mainly of two very large maps:

- a Tabletop RPG Selection Chart (done by Keith Curtis


- a Computer RPG Timeline Poster (that's my part of the project).

Have a look at the Kickstarter page… of the project to get more info.
Matt Finch published Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea, a book about RPG art. It contains the fantastic works of dozens of artists, including four of my maps.

Surge of the Wine-Dark Sea can be purchased as softcover book from… LuLu or as watermarked pdf at… RPG Now or… DriveThruRPG.

I've created a new website for my cartography work:

It is still not completely finished, but the basic information is available, including commissions info and references. I'm open to critiques and ideas.
Ladies and gentlemen!

Four of my maps are at the moment displayed at an exhibition - Post Apocalyptic North America (Noramerika), Duchy of Lando, my Trade Map and Centralia.

The exhibition is at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art (, 138 Sullivan Street, New York) in partnership with the Cartographers' Guild and runs until the 29th of July. The show features 90 maps from 40 cartographers around the world including industry pros from Wizards, Paizo, White Wolf, Open Design and Mongoose Publishing. The maps range from Atlantean ruins, to the Moonshaes, from the insides of a whale to a public transit system on Venus. The maps are displayed on digital screens throughout the gallery that zoom into the maps to reveal the fine detail in the cartography and really show off these beautiful illustrations.

The show is free entry. The maps are available during the run of the show as limited edition art prints.

(I took the freedom to copy most of this text from Jonathan Roberts' journal entry, may he forgive me for this sort of time saving).

Have a nice day

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

For everyone out there who is interested in awesome creature designs, go to the site of Dave Melvin: , an artist with mindblowing imagination and skill.

He certainly deserves more watches, so take time and look at his creations.


For everyone interested in maps there is a new cartography group on dA: cartography-guild.deviantart.c…

Many great maps in one place!
I took the time to create a deviantArt portfolio:
As I receive now more and more requests for maps and other stuff I won't do any longer anything for free.
Every work is time- (and sometimes mind-)consuming, so I have to charge the effort. Costs will depend on size and detail of the commission and if you demand an edit of an existing work or something completely new. The minimum charge is € 7,00 for an edit of my existing work (depending on the amount of work). Everything else is a matter of negotiation, but a decent map (otherwise you won't a commission I think) will cost at least € 20 for the easiest map; the more detailed and bigger it gets, the higher is the price (naturally, as the working effort rises).

I hope nobody views this as greed for money. But apparently my works have a certain quality otherwise I wouldn't get requests. And every request I do costs time and effort I can't use for my own work.